Training Programs

Training Programs

Those attending Ed’s programs include not just lawyers but professionals from myriad fields, e.g., accounting, human resources, economists, engineers, scientists, psychologists, and staff members.
Effective Writing

Ed’s programs range from short, 40-minute speeches for annual conventions of professional associations to two-week training programs for the Department of Justice and U.S. Attorneys’ Office.

His typical program lasts for one or two days, which can be divided into a series of half-day programs delivered over several weeks. The typical one-day program concentrates on matters of style and explores the causes of bloated language that often clouds the message intended for the readers. Participants learn how to develop a persuasive style that compels the reader to “read on.”


Ed’s refresher course in grammar helps writers avoid those egg-on-your-face mistakes in emails, letters, reports, and memorandums (yes, that’s the plural). The course explores problems of subject-verb agreement, the case of pronouns, dangling modifiers, word usage (lie vs. lay, principal vs. principle, affect vs. effect), and punctuation.

English as a Second Language

Ed has provided a variety of courses for professionals and staff members who use English as their second language. These programs focus on matters of style and problems with grammar. Participants have hailed from Latin America, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, China, Korea, and Japan.

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