Ed’s Background

Ed's Education & Professional Experience

Ed Good was graduated cum laude by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After graduation, he spent a year traveling around the world as one of five national recipients of the Corning Glassworks Traveling Fellowship.

He continued his studies at the University of Virginia School of Law, receiving his J.D. degree. Mr. Good accepted a general faculty appointment as Director of Legal Writing at the University of Virginia School of Law.

Mr. Good was selected as one of two Tom C. Clark Supreme Court Fellows to serve the Supreme Court of the United States and the Federal Judicial Center.

Ed wrote A Grammar Book for You and I … Oops, Me!, which was favorably reviewed by William Safire in The New York Times. Copies are available for participants in on-site programs.

A Grammar Book for You and I ... Oops, Me! is a Literary Guild Selection and was favorably reviewed by William Safire in The New York Times. Mightier than the Sword has received favorable reviews in legal journals throughout the world and has been used at Yale Law School for years.

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Ed’s Training Experience

More than 5,000 professionals in the U.S., China, Taiwan, Belgium, and France have attended Ed’s courses in effective writing. He has presented on-site programs for more than 50 federal agencies, more than 15 Fortune 500 companies, and a host of large law firms across the country. The Internal Revenue Service employed him to develop and conduct training programs for more than 1,500 IRS litigators. The Merit Systems Protect Board commissioned him to present programs at MSPB offices throughout the country. And the United States Attorneys’ Office employed him to provide training a multiple offices nationwide.

Ed served as full-time Writer-in- Residence at Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, the largest law firm in the world devoting its practice solely to intellectual-property law. There he worked closely with professionals with advanced degrees in science and engineering. Now retired from that position, Ed is again offering his on-site training programs for government agencies, corporations, and law firms.

Please Note: Those attending Ed’s programs include not just lawyers but professionals from myriad fields, e.g., accounting, human resources, economists, engineers, scientists, psychologists, and staff members.

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